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Hi! It’s nice to meet you, I’m Natelle, a freelance illustrator (and self-proclaimed plant lady and cat cuddler) living and working in London, UK.

I work primarily digitally, with smatterings of traditional gouache and watercolours. My work is heavily influenced by childhood memories, heritage, and animals. LOTS of animals!

Art and animals surrounded my life from day one; as a child, neither walls nor inanimate objects at home were safe from my scribbles, and tadpole-watching in the backyard was one of many favourite past time activities. I also love to explore and travel, and have moved many times throughout my life. All of these experiences have culminated into a quirky mix that have worked their way into my heart and throughout my art.

Currently in my waking hours, I illustrate for SHOAL LLC, a like-minded small business producing life style products inspired by nature. In between, I continue to offer freelance illustration services to various clientele, and spend time experimenting, exploring, and making art.

I have many aspirations for my illustration journey, but if I had to choose, I’d say the top two things I’d love to achieve in my lifetime would be:

1) To create illustrations for an exhibit in a museum, zoo, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuary, etc., and

2) To illustrate a book!

Awards / Exhibitions

Nov 2019 – Winner of SCBWI British Isles “Beginning, Middle and End” illustrator competition


Oct 2019-Present – Member of SCBWI

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