By Maisie Chan (author), Natelle Quek (illustrator - cover)
Publisher: Abrams
Publication date: 28 March 2023
ISBN: 9781419759925
Twelve-year-old Lizzie Chu has lived with her Wai Gong (grandfather) in Glasgow since her parents died when she was a baby. But Wai Gong has been acting different lately. He spends a lot of time talking to his Guan Yin statue—the Chinese goddess of compassion—and seems to be becoming more forgetful. Even the shared passion he and Lizzie have for their favorite show, Strictly Come Dancing, seems to be tailing off.
When Wai Gong mistakes Lizzie's friend Chi for Guan Yin, Lizzie seizes the opportunity to use Chi to take Wai Gong to Blackpool to the Tower Ballroom, where he’d always dreamed of going. If only she can get her grandad there, she thinks, he’ll find some peace.
After all, one of the myths around Guan Yin is that she brings order and harmony, so it’s got to work out—right?
Kirkus Reviews; Best of 2023 - "Chan combines realities of Asian British life with stories from Chinese mythology, forming the backdrop for a chaotic, hilarious road trip to Blackpool with Lizzie, Wai Gong, Chi, Chi’s older brother (their driver), and Tyler, her other best friend... they overcome enormous obstacles to make this dream come true. Even more touching is Lizzie’s journey toward understanding her grandfather’s probable dementia and learning to ask for help." (Read full writeup here.)
Kirkus Perspectives - "Maisie Chan crafts a poignant tale of a young girl discovering it’s OK to ask for help. Lizzie’s loneliness is especially palpable; readers in similar situations will feel reassured that they aren’t alone." (Read full writeup here.)

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