Window Painting
I'm so lucky and grateful to have been given the opportunity to paint on the windows of some very lovely indie book shops as part of book promotions!
I would love to paint more windows to promote books that I have illustrated, so if you manage a book shop (or a school library!) and are keen on having your windows painted (as well as having copies of corresponding books signed in store), please feel free to email me at to discuss further.
I am available to travel into London and around the greater London area (including Kent and Surrey) for window painting and can cover my own travel costs. I am happy to travel further out of London (for journeys greater than 2.5 hours) but kindly ask that the shop help cover part of the travel costs.
Tools I use
- Posca paint markers (acrylic, fast-drying)
- Brown paper (I usually sketch the template out on brown paper as a guide for painting)
- Tape and scissors

What I need from you
- Window dimensions
- Copies of corresponding books available for signing and displaying in the window
- Shelving/stands for displaying books

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